When Sydney and Sam are taking a walk on the beach at night, a ghost ship appears in the horizon. Soon they find out that it is scaring people and most definitely kids.

Their investigation leads to the Port of Oakland where they meet a kid named Jonathan who tries to help solve the mystery with his younger sister Maya. Will they be brave enough to solve the case, or will the ghost ship keep on scaring people out of town?


Chapter 1


It was an unusually warm November Friday night as Sydney and Sam were walking down Baker Beach in San Francisco.

“I’m happy that our parents allowed us to come here alone tonight,” Sydney told Sam. “I mean, last time we asked they said no.”

“I know,” Sam answered.

The air smelled like sea salt. Sam and Sydney saw darkness around them. They could see the Golden Gate Bridge in the dim light. They felt wind whistling around their faces and seawater spraying around.

“I hope some sort of Adventure awaits us tonight,” Sam said, in a deep, scary tone. Sydney jerked back and whispered, “Who was that?”

Sam laughed. “Me. I can’t believe that you still haven’t learned that I like making up scary voices.”

Sydney slapped her right hand against her head. “Ugh. I always forget. Sometimes I think I act like a little girl.”

Sam grinned. “You do.”

Sydney frowned and then smiled. “Okay, I know that I act like a little girl, but that is not so bad. You can get very mad or frustrating which I find no one needs.”

They both laughed.

They continued walking down the beach and were splashed by the seawater a few times. Sydney said, “I think I will need to take a shower tonight.”

Then suddenly Sam spotted something neon green in the horizon.

“Sydney, look,” whispered Sam. He pointed to the neon green glow in the horizon. “Do you know what that is?”

Sydney looked to where Sam was pointing. Soon she saw it too. She shrugged. “Don’t know, but I would love to find out.”

They stopped walking and looked at the horizon. They saw a shape, it was a ship.

“A ship that is neon green doesn’t make sense at all,” Sydney told Sam.

Sam frowned. “I know. Let’s wait a while until we can see the whole ship.”


They sat down on a rock and peered in the distance. It was a bit closer now and they could see that no one was on deck.

As the ship slowly approached them, their mouths dropped open.

“I can’t believe what we are seeing,” Sam said.

“Seriously!” Sydney said in a shocked tone.

It was a Ghost Ship!