It’s going to be a great night of Trick or Treating, because the night is clear and the sky is full of stars. What Sydney and Sam don’t know is the Ghost of Mr. Williams is coming out to play! The neighborhood is scared and frightened, and it being Halloween only adds to that. Follow Sydney and Sam as they investigate the house and Ghost of Mr. Williams.


Chapter 1


“Trick or Treat, give us something good to eat,” said Sam on the front porch of a nicely painted house with his best friend Sydney.

“Oh my, you guys look scary,” laughed the old lady inside the house. Then she grabbed a bucket which was filled with candy and chocolate. “Here you go. You can each take a hand full of candy!”

“Thank you ma’am,” Sam said as he grabbed the candy from the bucket and let it drop into his bag. Sydney did as well. They both thanked the old woman before they left. Once they were down the street Sydney said, “We are going to have so much candy after tonight.”

Sam nodded. “Yes, we definitely will.”

They continued walking the street, knocking on people’s doors and asking for candy until they came to an old abandoned house. The white paint was peeling off of the house.

“This place looks creepy,” Sydney whispered to Sam. “I wonder how many years this house has been empty.”

“I think it has been five years,” Sam said, “Ever since old grumpy Mr. Williams died in there, it has been empty with no one owning it. I mean, by the look of it, it is very old.”

Sydney nodded her approval. “I agree with you. But isn’t there a story of it being haunted? People say that it is being haunted by the ghost of Mr. Williams.”

Sydney waited for Sam’s reply. Finally he answered, “It is haunted.”

Sydney looked shocked. “How do you know? Did you ever see the ghost before? I thought there is no such thing as ghosts.”

“Well I thought that too until now,” Sam said. “Look behind you.”

Sydney turned around very slowly. She screamed as she saw the ghost of Mr. Williams floating around. He was laughing as she was screaming. It was a real ghost. It was the ghost of Mr. Williams.