Hello everyone!

Who have been following me on Instagram (@lucasjamesauthor) know that I decided to not make Fallen Love a Duology; just one book. Right now it is 21,000 words. But today I am not here to talk about that, I am to tell you about my new project.

I have started a new Sydney and Sam Mystery. You can forget the Zoo mystery because I looked back at it and it was horrible, so I decided to write a real action packed one. This one here is called: The Haunted Circus. Okay, this one contains hypnotizing, haunted clowns and dogs and much more of those things so if you are a clown, I wouldn’t read it when it comes out.

Now I can’t tell you much more, but I will give you a small teaser that no one has seen, unedited, so we’ll see. Please let me know what you think. (I know that some words repeat, but then again, it is a rough draft.)

Sydney jerked back as the black dog started running towards her. She wasn’t expecting it to do that; she had thought that the criminals had hypnotized the dog, but she was beginning to realize that dogs couldn’t get hypnotized since they thought everything that moved was just a toy.

Sydney wished that Sam was here; he probably would’ve gone up to the dog and calmed him down with his bravery, but Sydney was just a mouse compared to Sam.

So Sydney decided to run. That was her only hope, even though she wasn’t that dumb to know that dogs were faster than her.

Sydney sprinted across the lawn, trying to see if any sticks were lying on the floor. It was hard to see, even in the full moon moonlight, casting across the lawn.

Now and then Sydney heard a bark, and they seemed to get louder by the second, but she didn’t care; all she wanted was to get home.

She didn’t know anymore why she wanted to do this late night investigation with Sam out of town for the weekend, visiting his grandparents at their farm in Texas. He has warned her to not do anything without her, and now she was beginning to realize why he had said that.


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2 thoughts on “Sydney and Sam are back!

  1. Do you like to listen to music while you write. Also when you write, do you allow yourself to write even though you know it’s complete garbage? Also do you have any tips -tjongs that have helped you being such a young writer . Any for the other young writers it there ?


    1. Thank you for your comment! I usually don’t listen to music when I write, but when I watched a good movie and I liked the music I usually listen to that music when I write for a day or two. I sometimes do allow myself to write even though it is garbage, but usually, I just end up deleting it–but sometimes I just write to write. I guess what helped me be a young writer is asking me a few questions like (How hard is it to write a book etc.) and I wanted to find out, and sometimes stuff that still amazes me is how much work goes into one book. The readers don’t see it, but when we read our own books it is very rewarding. My tips for young writers are 1) Don’t give up. It isn’t easy, and it won’t be like heaven when writing. You’ll most likely get writers block and it is challenging to overcome, but just don’t give up. 2) Write every day if you can. It is a muscle and has to be exercised every day. 3) Read a lot. I’ve heard a lot of people wanting to write a book, and they hate reading. And no offence, if you don’t read, your book is most likely going to be awful. You need to see the art of writing and so much more to write. Hope that answered your questions!


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