Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk a little bit about the topic how do you write. I get this questioned as a lot, so let’s begin.

How do you write? – The answer to this question is: There is no such thing as “how do you write” because everyone can write. There is no how do you write. Everyone, and I mean everyone has a story to tell, and what they should rather ask is “How do you find time to write” or “How do you write as a kid”… I can answer both of those questions.

“How do you find time to write?” – As an adult, it can be very hard to find time to write, but if you think about it is way easier to find time than you think. For example:

  1. Wake up an hour earlier.
  2. Stay up an hour later.

Those two are the simplest ones. As a kid, like for me, it is easier, because I have more free time, but then again, here in Germany we only have school until 1:00 PM.


“How do you write as a kid?” – Easy: you read a lot, you write a lot. If you don’t like reading, then I wouldn’t think of writing a book, because it will–sorry if I am saying this–most likely not be good. Why? Because if you don’t read, you won’t know the art of telling stories. And if you read a lot, then you’ll know what makes a good book, words you can use…

Thank you for checking by! Please let me know if you any other questions!



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