Hey everyone!

Merry Christmas!!! ❤ Today in this blog post–the final one of 2015!–I want to talk about journaling…

I’ve just started journaling almost one week ago. That was a Thursday, the 12/17/2015

I didn’t ever think I’d do that, because I thought it was too girly. But now I’ve changed my mind after watching a few videos about it and my mom telling me that it isn’t girly.

As a writer/author/storyteller one of the most important things is keeping a journal! Now why? What are the benefits?

First of all, it is fun… Not alike writing essays for homework; you can do whatever you want! It can be a bucket list journal, daily…whatever! Mine is a daily journal. So it’s fun, because you can add in stickers, funny photos, maps from vacation…

Second of all, it is great for your creativity… Now I don’t really know why, but…anyway.

Third of all, you should keep a journal as well, because it is funny, because after a year and you re-read it, you’ll be like “What was I thinking” and “I liked that stuff one year ago?” and all that stuff.

There is a lot of other stuff I could talk about, but for now, merry Christmas! You can e-mail me any questions you have! My e-mail is in my book!

Thanks and a Merry Christmas and an awesome holiday!



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