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Chapter 1

New York City


“This is so exciting!” exclaimed twelve-year-old Sydney as she and her best friend Sam got off of the airplane in New York City. “We are finally in New York City!”

Sam grinned. “I’m happy that you are excited, but I’m not that excited since I visit this city at least twice a year.”

Sydney stuck her tongue out at Sam. “Consider yourself lucky that you can be here that often.”

Sam wanted to roll his eyes, but he couldn’t; he was just enjoying every, precious minute without his parents.

It was like a dream for him to finally fly alone to New York City with Sydney for the Thanksgiving holidays. They wouldn’t have been here if it weren’t for their parents’ business trip they all had to go one (both of their family’s worked for the same company). Ted, Sam’s grandpa, and Anne, Sam’s grandma, had invited them over.

“So, what do we have to do now to get to the exit?” Sydney questioned Sam.

“Nothing,” Sam answered, “we don’t have any luggage to pick up; we only brought each our one carry-on so we can head right away to the exit.”

“Awesome,” said Sydney, smiling. This was going to be a great vacation.


When Ted’s care approached his and Anne’s apartment building, he had almost asked one hundred questions. At least, it felt that way for Sydney and Sam.

“So, what is your favorite teacher at school right now?” Ted asked, without taking a breath.

Sam didn’t want to answer, but his mom had told him before he left: “Always respect your grandparents; they are getting older. And if they have a question for you, you answer it. If they ask you to go to the store, go to the store. Got it?” Those were the exact words of his mother’s.

“Um…mine is Mrs. Allen,” said Sydney, slightly annoyed, but she didn’t show it. She pretended to happy to answer the questions.

“Er…mine too,” Sam quickly agreed.

“Cool. And what is your least favorite?” Ted questioned.

“Mr. White,” Sam said.

“Mine too.”

“It seems like you both have the same answers always,” laughed Anne, as the drove into the driveway of the apartment building.

Sydney and Sam quickly climbed out of the car. They didn’t want him to start asking even more questions.

“Seems like you are ready wanted to explore New York,” said Ted, once he got out of the car.

“Yep,” said Sam, convinced. He did want to explore New York City with Sydney, but alone.

“So, how about you unpack in the guest room and then Sam will show you,” Ted said, pointing at Sydney, “New York. I’m sure you will like it.” He winked, before opening the trunk of the car, handed Sydney and Sam their carry-one, closed it and headed toward the entrance. The others followed.

He pulled out his house key and pushed the glass door opened. Then he pressed the elevators button with his index finger.


     The doors opened and Sydney, Sam, Ted and Anne strolled inside of it. Anne pressed a silver button that was marked with a red seven. The doors closed and it started lifting up.


The elevators doors opened. The four people stumbled out of it and they walked down a dimly light hall, passing one door, until they arrived at Ted and Anne’s apartment.

Ted unlocked the door and to Sydney and Sam’s surprise a little, black puppy was sitting on the wooden floor, wagging his tail wildly.

Sam stared at it in disbelief, shook and happiness. The dog sat up and began sniffing his shoes and all the sudden he was jumping on Sam, trying to lick his face.

Soon he was on the floor, laughing so hardly, that he could barely breath.

Finally, when we calmed down he said, “This is the most awesome greeting I have ever gotten! When did you get him?”

Sydney looked confused. “Wait, you haven’t had him for a…” Before she could finish her sentence, she was the one laughing on the floor.

Ted and Anne were watching the scene unfold, smiling. When both of the kids had calmed down he said, “How about you unpack and then we can sit down and we will tell you everything? No I must call your parents to tell them you got here safe.”

Sydney and Sam nodded fast in agreement. He couldn’t wait to hear the story.

A half an hour later they were sitting in the living room with a glass of lemonade in front of each of them. The dog was sitting on Sam’s lap, tacking a nap.

“So, last month we were at the pet’s store, because we wanted to buy food for our neighbors cat that we were tacking care of, when we saw this little guy,” Ted explained, pointing at the dog, “who was sitting in this really tiny cell. He was whimpering and making noises and we couldn’t resist but take him home. He didn’t belong in there, he belonged in the real world.”

“And what is his name?” asked Sam, gently petting the dog. “And what kind of a breed is it?”

“Oh, right. His name is Blue. He is a black lab,” Anne answered, before Ted could say anything.

“What of a cute name,” exclaimed Sydney. “And how old is he?”

“One-and-a-half months,” Ted replied.

“Wow, how cute is that,” Sam said.

“So, it is 3PM now, so I suggest you go into the city,” Anne said. “And if you want to can take Blue with, but only if I can trust you. He hasn’t been on his walk today. So, we are currently training him, so when we say sit and he does it we give him a treat, but don’t always give him one, or he will grow up, thinking he will get a reward for everything he does, okay? And I fear you might as well will have to pick his poop up if he does do that. The plastic bags are on the leash.”

“I do know that I have to do that,” Sam said. “I’ve walked dogs before and it is currently not the most pleasant part of walking a dog.”

“I agree,” Anne said.


Ten minutes later, Sydney and Sam were walking down the streets of New York City with Blue on the leash. It was kind of warm, so they didn’t have any jackets on. They learned that Blue did love to play with other people and trash lying on the sidewalk. Sam, who was holding the leash, always had to pull him back from eating cigarettes. He learned that dogs weren’t aloud to eat that kind of stuff when he was in second grade, where he walked his first dog.

“Was it a big surprise when Blue greeted you at the door?” Sydney asked as they turned a left. Sam pulled Blue back from eating a smoking cigarette. He barked.

Sam smiled. “Yes it was. I suppose that was why my mom was acting so strange before I left; I knew she was hiding something, but something like this I didn’t expect at all.”

“I would’ve felt the same if I were you,” Sydney sighed. “I mean, it is very exciting to see that your grandparents have a dog for the first time. And most definitely when he his still a puppy.” Sydney glanced at Blue. He tilted his head.


Just as they were turning another left, something caught his eye: A newspaper that lay on the sidewalk. But it wasn’t the newspaper that caught his eye; it was a newspaper article.

     “Hey Sydney,” he said stopping abruptly, “get a load of this.”

Sydney stopped walked and read sideways. When she finished she glared Sam deeply into his eyes and she could tell that he was up to something dangerous.

“Oh no Sam, we’re not going this far,” Sydney told him and began walking again, but Sam kept her from going by holding her on her T-Shirt.


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